KamGermany caught up with the busy Thomas Youngblood, guitarist and founder of Kamelot.


Hi Thomas,

All is going great in the Kamelot world as far as we can see from here. Thanks for this interview! We just heard you are releasing a single and radio edit of Falling Like the Fahrenheit. Will there be a video for „Falling Like The Fahrenheit“?

We didn’t plan to release this single until after the other 2 videos were shot. So technically there is no official video, but we will release a lyric video of the Radio Edit. So the next Official video will not be FLTF.

Why did you pick „Falling Like The Fahrenheit“ as the next single of „Silverthorn“?

The record label wanted to do it and make a radio edit. The goal of course is not to become pop stars but to at least expose the band to an audience that otherwise would never know about Kamelot and our fans. So the first idea was simply a radio edit, that meant we had to trim the original down in length.

Will there also be a physical CD available for the single or is it only digital download?

Its only a digital single.

Eklipse have been guest musicians on the last album. Have you thought about taking them as support band on tour?

Yes we have and we hope that can happen on at least one of the upcoming tours. The next video will also feature Eklipse and I would love to have them on the DVD shoot, still in the planning.


How are the plans for the new DVD coming along? Do you already know when it will be filmed?

Plans are going well, we have narrowed the locations down to 4! And we plan to record footage from all the shows coming up, to make the DVD not only a one night event but include all the tastes and feelings that we encounter on tour.

Kamelot has an Official Tumblr since a few weeks. Everyone following the Kamelot tag knows that the girls there have a weird humor sometimes. How do you guys feel about that?

I assume its not only Girls there, but none the less, we find it quite interesting and also fun. I like to see people using their imaginations and individual talents and tumblr is a great outlet for that. The Chaos inside my Ovaries tags are brilliant. There have also been some awesome artworks coming out on facebook, deviantart etc., it looks like Silverthorn is very inspiring and we take it as a compliment.

The official forum is closed since quite some time now. Any plans to bring it back in the near future?

Yes, I put the word out last week to bring the forum back with new skins. So lets hope we can get that going soon!

The artwork and the album cover of „Silverthorn“ is absolutely stunning. Can you tell us the name of the model that portrays Jolee?

Thanks! Well the model is a German girl named Steffi, she was chosen by the artist Stephan Heilemann. She really fits the atmosphere of Jolee and the spirit we wanted to convey with the cover and the fans.

When will you release the Tour Dates for the 2013 World Tour?

We hope very very soon. We had to shift the European Tour to November due to venue conflicts. The North American tour is still planned for September and we have the opening acts confirmed. I want to announce the dates more than anyone but we have to wait for the promoters to finish their contracts and all the business issues.

What are you looking forward to the most on the upcoming tours?

Getting back out there and seeing the Kamelot Nation in person!! Our fans are the best and we love playing and interacting with them. Hanging out with my brothers from the band too, we are having the time of our lives touring and it carries out on stage too.

It was really cool Alissa White-Gluz joined you guys on the North America Tour last year. Have you thought about bringing her also to Europe on future tours?

Yes, we are discussing the idea of her joining us on all the shows. She is so great live and actually is a great singer as well as shouter. We may have some other surprises along the way, so stay tuned!

8355245400_fac9b6d188_o(Ft. Lauderdale/USA 2012 – Photographer: Luis Blanco)

Are you going to play new songs from „Silverthorn“ aside from those you already introduced last tour?

I think so, we are looking at this now. I can imagine adding at least one new song from Silverthorn!

Thank you very much for the interview, Thomas!






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